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The 10 commandments of Spaced Repetition Systems

The 10 commandments of Spaced Repetition Systems
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  1. Thou shalt complete all thy's reviews before one begins to learn
  2. Thou must hast within oneself the power to persevere
  3. Thou shalt never miss a day
  4. To err is to fail completely
  5. The knowledge contained within a card is uniquely held
  6. Thou cannot take a single step on two paths
  7. Thy's mind shall commit knowledge once the new day breaks
  8. Thou shalt continue each card in perpetuity
  9. Thou's answer is final
  10. Thou must submit to the algorithm and only answer what is asked

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Tech has the potential to capture our attention, to endlessly scroll, and to connect us with nearly everyone in the world. Yet all of these powers are used to shove ads down your throat, keep you buying gems, and break down communication between people.

I want to use these tools to increase the linguistic throughput of humanity. Language is the most powerful tool the human race has created, yet we try to limit ourselves to 160 characters. What more could we achieve if we pushed the boundaries of what language is possible? What if we never stopped learning, and everyday we became just a little more articulate?

If you're reading this, then you have the potential to learn any language still living today. Subscribe today, and join me in this journey.

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